Can AI Conquer Information Overload?

A new AI-based Modeling Tool Offers Hope

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It’s rare that one gets to witness the winds of change. But 2020 has brought about disruptive global events from the COVID-19 pandemic to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, events that are driving real changes… and very abruptly.

Like many concurrent but unrelated news events, these episodes are creating enormous information overload. This pattern repeats itself continuously. While the world is focused on one item, another one comes along and adds the flood of information. At such times of information overload, it becomes difficult to see the ‘forest for the trees’ and it is easy to lose track of the conversation. Moreover, with fake news so easy to generate and disseminate, it becomes extremely difficult to locate trustworthy voices who deliver accurate news accounts.

The shroud of information created by overload is also making it hard to maintain a social presence online. And with the cancellations of industry events and the today’s social distancing reality, it has never been more important to be a part of the online conversation. Digital communication is becoming a more important form of interaction and a key channel for building engagement. With the cacophony of voices trying to be heard online, it is easy to see how information overload is an obstacle to meaningful digital engagement.

That’s why I was intrigued by Sighteer. Sighteer takes a unique approach to information management and online engagement by creating models of experts in your industry of interest and around any topic. By modeling relevant experts on any topic, Sighteer allows you to focus on relevant voices, thereby eliminating social noise, fake news, and misinformation.

Modeling is critical for smart analysis. Each model is composed of millions of data points allowing for extraction of real information from the model — such as identifying relevant key opinion leaders mapping how are they connected, surfacing key topics being discussed, locating the influential web sites, and more.

Sighteer further enhances model data with artificial intelligence and machine learning to add higher level information and normalize all interactions, resulting in a live, up to date model of an ecosystem of experts on the topic. Focusing on experts and key opinion leaders is a great way to zero in on news that matters while removing all the clutter and noise that exist on social networks.

One of the main benefits of modeling is extracting model-based news. Try searching for “marketing news” on Twitter or Google; you get so many results from so many sources that you hardly know where to start. In contrast, with Sighteer’s model-based news, you get a concise daily mail highlighting the top news and tweets relevant to your interests, as well as links to the most popular news items among key opinion leaders from your industry.

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Model based news delivered via email — most relevant news

I recently signed up to join Sighteer’s invitation only Personal Edition. It allows me to choose up to 3 topics of interests from a variety of models and get model-based news directly to my inbox. The results are impressive.

The folks at Sighteer have made a limited number of invitations available to me, so if you’re feeling the pain of data fatigue and would like to try a new innovative approach, feel free to reach out to me at:

Accomplished technology product and marketing expert, information overload researcher, award-winning technology and business writer.

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